About Us

Renaissance was established in May 2017 on the MMO Tree of Savior.


Renaissance is essentially a guild of rebirth and second chances. We’re mentors and educators, assistants and visionaries. We aim to be the best, essentially bringing forth “Orsha’s Renaissance.”

It is our firm belief that everyone has a purpose, a use, and that everyone is worthy. We aim to be one of the top guilds on Orsha, not only in strength but in community and unification. We don’t recruit based on level or skill, we recruit based on people. We want those who want to better themselves and learn so that they may better others. Be willing to help your fellow player, not just those in Renaissance.

This guild is heavily focused on endgame content, and training those who want to enjoy that content. We form ET parties, raids and factions.

Leaders: Saharhis and Kaenmaru
Officers: Manasea, MrKayn, Justicia, Castrophone
Guild Level: 13

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