Beginner’s Guide: Gems and Socketing Equipment

Gems are items that enhance your equipment. The gems go into the slots you put into that equipment.

First, let’s talk about the types of gems –

There are colored gems, such as yellow, red, blue and green, then monster gems. The difference between your standard gem and a monster gem is that a standard gem will upgrade the stats on your weapons and armor, while a monster gem will increase the level of certain skills. Monster gems are also specific in what “socket” they can go into.

Finding Gems
Gems drop in a number of locations – maps, such as Demon Prison District 2 and Ruklys Hall of Fame are notorious for their higher number of gem drops. You can also obtain colored gems from quests, from daily events such as Mercenary Post Party Quests, The monster gems are a low drop % due to their nature. The effect of the gem changes depending on what piece of equipment its placed in.

Leveling Gems
Leveling a gem increases its stats. The max gem level is 10, however for most equipment level 4-7 is acceptable, due to the difficult nature of leveling gems. Below is a table of needed experience per gem level.


You can see from the above menu that the exp from level 7 (173,800) jumps to an almost unreachable limit at level 8 (864,000).  Every time a gem levels, the experience needed to level it further increases exponentially. To level gems, sit down (insert key) and hit D to open the gem upgrading menu.

Additionally, you can use this menu to craft recipes, enhance cards and place a fire for hp recovery.

Opening the enhancement menu and dragging a gem to the slot opens these options – you can use almost anything to enhance a gem, monster drops, other gems, though abrasive is the most useful. You obtain abrasive through events, Uphill Defense, questing, Leticia and Goddess Blessed Cubes, and the PVP point shop.


Gem Roasting
Gem’s automatically come with a “negative” stat as well as a positive stat. The negative status effects can be removed by visiting a players gem roasting shop.

The level of the shop (mine is level 10) also refers to the level of the gem in which the negative effect can be removed. For example, a level 10 shop can remove the negative effects from all gems level 10 and below. A level 5 shop can remove negative affects from gems that are level 5 and below. You can find these shops in towns, most commonly in channel 1.

Socketing Equipment
You need to put a slot in your equipment in order to attach the gem to it. This is done at the blacksmith in any of the three towns, Klaipeda, Orsha or Fedimian. You can place sockets in both weapons and armor, but not headgears, costumes, accessories or wings. Some pieces of equipment cannot be socketed, and the equipment from the Hunting Grounds can have multiple sockets (it’s RNG how many you will get in that instance).

You can see the number of sockets an item has on the bottom of the item window. Socketing any item consumes potential. You use potential for upgrading equipment as well with anvils.

When socketing this mace, it will lose two potential due to having two slots.

Choose “Socket Management” in the menu at the blacksmith.

Socketing costs silver. Click add socket in order to begin – the silver cost goes up for each additional socket.

Inserting a Gem
To insert your newly leveled, roasted gem, you simply right click it, then click the armor or weapon piece you want to insert it into.

Removing Gems
Removing a gem will remove one level from the gem. In the case of a monster gem, removing a monster gem will break that gem. Think and plan carefully before inserting gems into your equipment. Save higher level gems for better equipment in order to get the most benefit.

Determining the type of gem you need
The type of gem depends on a lot of factors – your characters build, your stats, and the equipment its going in. For maces, use red gems, because red gems have a sort of “hidden” effect in which they amplify both physical and magic attack. Builds dependent upon crit, such as certain types of archers and swordsmen, need green gems. Leather users would also probably benefit most from green gems, which magic users benefit most from blue gems. Yellow gems are typically used for increasing defense.


If you have any questions or comments about this guide please leave them below, on the forum/chatroom, or contact us in game.

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