kTest Patch – 9/15/17

Sep 15, 2017

Translated by google – Original patch notes located here

division Contents
Level Expansion – character maximum level Lv.330 in Lv.360 extended to be .

– Even if the character’s maximum level is increased , the level of the boss that is summoned to the card suit will not change .

area 1. New Fri Dungeon Nazarene Tower ( recommended level 340) is added .

– You can enter through Natacho area .

– 4 gimmicks will be added .


2. New regions will be added .

– New quests for each region are also added .

Rancho 26 Water Area

– Recommended level 333

Rancho 22 water area

– Recommended level 336

Teresh Forest

– Recommended level 344

Teckel Refuge

– Recommended level 348

Zolacha Plateau

– Recommended level351

Temple of Narvas

– Recommended level 354

Narvas temple annex

– Recommended level 357

Southern cis 9 tube

– Recommended level 335

Sousis 10 Building

– Recommended level 338

Balan display two tubes

– Recommended level341

Balan display three tubes

– Recommended level 344

Ballantis 91 tube

– Recommended level 347

Zhetao Coast

– Recommended level 327

Aeteo Coast

– Recommended level 331

Ephrottao coast

– Recommended level335

monster Monster experience multiplier will change .

– The experience of general medicine field compared to existing 2 Increases times .

– the experience of the pre Dungeon 2 times the general field of applied about 1.5 will change enough times .

item 1. The way of dropping US appraisal equipment items is changed .

– Unpredictable items that were available only in the previous free dungeon will be changed to be acquired in the normal field .

– Can be acquired in a level field or free dungeon similar to equipment items .

Ex) Items with a Wear Level of 270 are available at the recommended level of 230-280 Fields and Free Dungeons .

– Unknown emotional weapons / armor cubes and pieces that were acquired in the previous free dungeon will no longer drop.

– In free dungeon, you can acquire items that are not emotional equipment items higher than normal field .

– The level of equipment items to drop is Magic / Rare / Unique .


2. The name of the existing unemotional item will change .

– The word ‘ faded ‘ is added in front of the name of the existing unhappy item .

– Existing Unknown Items can only be obtained from Unknown Emission Weapon / Armor Cube .


3. New weapons and armor will be added .

– Unethical weapons and armor that can be worn by a character over 350 levels are added .


4. The values ​​of the default fixed options for some of the following series of weapon items will disappear and will be added as Equipment Attributes .

Weapon series Equipment mounting characteristics
Two-handed swords Area attack rate +1
Staff Area attack rate +1
Two-Handed Blunt Block penetration +85
Binary series Increased attack range +10
One hand window series Increased attack range +5

Medium / Large attack power

Item random option function is added .

※ The item random option function is a system that receives the option randomly by appraising unheard item .

– You can emulate / disassemble new emotion items that are not original emotion items .

– Random option is given for item appraisal

( Options granted are direct combat performance figures such as strength , intelligence , mental , critical strike , hit, etc. , and do not duplicate the same options .)

– The number of options to be assessed is 1 to 4 for one-handed weapons , 3 to 6 for two-handed weapons , and 1 to 4 for armor , regardless of the item’s rating .

– The newly acquired unemotional item has a fixed socket / potential .

– Items can be disassembled through Blacksmith NPCs located in Kleppeda / Orsa / Pedi Mihan .

– Disassembly is possible for general , unevaluated items , and when disassembled , you can acquire Newkle and Sierra flour items .

– In case of NuCle and Sierra flour items, it will be used for item reset and item making .

Disassembly item Items that can be obtained during disassembly
General ~ rare item Nuclear powder
Unique Item Necklaces , Sierra flour
Routing chance A new option, Routing Chance, is added .

– The Routing Chance option effect is an option effect that raises the probability of dropping the unhappy item .

– You can acquire items with Routing Chance effect with certain probability when you feel emotional items .

– When the item with the Routing Chance option is worn , you can check the current value in the character selection window [F1] .

– The higher the value of Routing Chance, the higher the probability of acquiring unfeasible items .

– routing options, chances are your armor 4 species of ( over , under , gloves , shoes ) may be granted only .


Colonies New Content Guild Colonies will be added .


– Colonies are large-scale PvP combat in guild units, and are content that compete for guilds who have participated before colonies to occupy the spot area . (The spot area refers to the field area where colonization can proceed .)

– a test server in today’s 15/09 ( Fri ) PM 8 pm to 9 pm not am one proceeds Guild colonies during the transition period .

The guild colony will be informed again through the announcement .


– When a guild colony transfer starts, a separate channel is created to carry out colonization in each spot area .

– Guild Changed the option to participate in the Colonies tab of the Guild window to ‘ Join ‘ , the guild can enter the spot area and proceed to the colonies .

– Guilds occupying each spot area enter the pre-colonial channel 5 minutes before the start of the next colony, and the colonies will proceed to occupy the spot area .


1. Terms and conditions of participation

– You can select the option to participate in the guild window’s colonial menu .

– The participation option can only be changed by the Templar class guild master .

– If you change the participation option to ‘ Join ‘ , you can not delegate guild master .

– The Join option can not be changed 5 minutes before the start of the colony , and can be changed within 1 minute after theend of the colony .


2. Spot Area

If the spot area is in the Gennar plain, you can enter the colonial channel via the Pilgrim field after the start of the colony , thealtar, and the green arrow in the Manahath area when you enter the area .

Gunnar Plain Galette Plain Within the walls of the eight zones


※ Companion summable class

All classes except the one below can not be recalled by any of the colonies .

Caterpract Hunter Schwarz Lighter Hacapel Reentry Lancer


※ Skill restrictions

– Templar [ Guild Call Summon ] skill is only available to the guild master . However , you can not use the skill within the colonial tower boundary .

– The following skills are not available within the colonial channel .

Squire [ Repair ] Squire [ Weapon Care ] Squire [ armor trim ] Squire [ base camp ]
Alchemist [ Awakening ] Alchemist [ Gem Roasting ] Alchemist [ Briquetting ] Alchemist [ Mannum Opus]
Oracle [ switch gender ] Appraisers [ feelings ] Appraisers [ imitations ] Sage [ Portal ]
Enchanter [ Enchanted Armor ] Fadner [ consecration ] Fadner [ Opened order store ]


3. Spot occupation method

– While former colonies processing time can acquire the occupied points in the Colony Tower boundaries generated in each spot area , 1,000 guild earned the points first occupied the spot area will be .


– You can acquire an Acquisition Point if a ‘ Non Occupy ‘ guild enters the Colony Tower boundary .

The number of border personnel in non-occupied one when myeongil 3 and can earn points , two persons Lee Sangil when1 per person 2 can be obtained extra points . ( Up to 9 points available )

Non-Occupied Guild Staff in the Border 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 or more
Obtainable Possession Points 3 5 7 9

– Depending on the number of guilds entering inside the tower’s boundary, the number of occupied points of the ‘ non occupied ‘ guild increases every second, and if you gain a certain amount of occupation points, you can occupy that spot area .


–   Conversely, if an ‘ occupied ‘ guild enters the tower’s boundaries , you can reduce the ‘ non-occupied ‘ guild’s occupied points .

Personnel occupied one point per person non-occupying guild 1 can be reduced and the occupied people 10 max If you have more than person 10 can be reduced to the point .

Occupy Guild in the Border 1 person 2 people 9 people 10 or more
Decreased point of opponent’s guild One 2 9 10

– Depending on the number of ‘ occupied ‘ guilds entering the tower’s boundaries , the number of points taken to decline every second of the ‘ non occupied ‘ guild will change .


– If you gain 2 or more guilds with a cumulative point of 1000 or more on the acquisition point , the guild will not move .

– If the following skills / characteristics are applied within the colonial tower boundary , the capture point can not be acquired .

 Chronomancer [ Stop ] , Log [ Burrow ], Scout [ Cloaking ], Master [ Silver part ]

Sinobi [ inbeop US states ] skill or [ inbeop Tuesday dunsul ] if the properties are in hiding after using the skill activation


4. Results

– After guild colony transfer is complete , you can see the final occupation guild of the spot area through the colony preliminary result window. After 1 minute, the colony front channel is closed and all personnel are forced to return to the city .

– When selecting the occupation guild, all occupation points of the guild that acquired the occupation point of the spot including the occupation guild are initialized .

– Unoccupied spot areas will change to unoccupied spots .


5. Occupation Benefits

– A powerful boss monster appears every hour within the colonial channel .

– The character is a killing boss monsters in the final Guild membership is rewarded by scoring 10 minutes physical , magic defense 100% , you can earn an increase in the buff .

– However , you can not receive treatment compensation if the Guild member of the guild that is occupying the spot area is defeated .

– If you receive an Occupation buff when there is a Reward buff, the Buffer effect will disappear .

– Successfully occupied guilds will receive a step-by-step occupation buff within the spot area until the end of the colony .

* Buff effect

: When the spot is occupied

– Level 1 : Increases Physical , Magical Defense by 50%

: Retaining spot for 5 minutes

– Level 2 : Physical , magic defense 75% increase

: Retaining spot for 10 minutes

– Level 3 : Physical , magic defense increased by 100%

– You can not receive a buff effect if you are not in a spot area .

– If you gain a certain amount of occupation points from another guild and lose the spot area, the occupation buff will disappear .

– Colony rewards will be updated in the future .


※ Notice

– The reincarnation skill does not apply to Colony Ex-boss monsters .

– Warp orders can not be used within a colonial channel .

– You can not use Guild Tower, Soul Crystal , and Anvil on all Colony channels .

– Barrier orders can not be used within the colonial tower boundary .

– When you sign out of all colonies, you will be forced to move to a nearby city .

– Within the colonial channel , items and silver will not be lost when killing by PK .

– NPCs, monsters are not created on all colonies .

– You can not join , withdraw , or dissolve the guild while the colony is in progress .


Battle league

Team Battle League environment is improved .


1) Simplification of modeling is added .

– Game Settings If you check ‘ Simplify the model ‘ in PVP setting, make the costume and sex hair look the same for each job .


2) Improvement of distinction of physical strength gauge

– The health gauges at the bottom of the character are moved to the top of the character .

– The character’s team name , character name , and guild name are not displayed .


3) Buff effect simplification function

– Game setting If you check ‘ Simplify Buff Effect ‘ in PVP setting, you can not see the existing buff effect .

However , you will see the effect of the buff that has the effect remaining .

– Depending on the type of buff, it is displayed on the head of the character and on the right side of the health gauge .

* Buff displayed on the head : kabalriseuteu [ Revenge de seven fold ;

* Buff on the right side of the character’s health gauge

Payne Barrier Trout Dead of the ball Reflective Shield
Listen High guard Epigall Sear spell
Finestra Avoidance movement Start Sub Zero Shield
Heyst Missile hall Limacon Safety Zone
Rune of Protection Running Shot Retraction shot Patron saint
Rune of Ice Election Avoidance maneuver Revive
Stone Skin Silkworm Counter spells Healing factor
Majindal A gold coin Propercy bloodletting
Ausurine Statue Strea Tropfe Forell Revenge of the Sevenfold
Pet Improves pet performance .

– 3 new skills will be added to Sorcerer , Necromancer , and Bocor Class .


1. Pet Summons Force : This is a skill that a pet wields against a targeted target .

2. Pet Summoning Force Attack : This skill cancels a forced attack and randomly attacks an enemy .

3. Summon Un-Summoned : This skill removes Summoned Summoners .

fishing A rubbing system is added .

What is rubbing ?

It refers to letters and reliefs engraved on wood and gold stones that are shaped on paper .

– Talk to the fishermen manager Yoha NPC to get rid of the rubbish .

– To break down the silvery fish rubbing one requires a Mary .

– When you open the rubbing, the fish picture UI , fish size and short comment in one sentence will be output .

– The ranking is registered according to the size of the fish .

– The ranking is initialized at 6:00 am on every Thursday . When the ranking is initialized, the statue of the first ranking will be established around the Klafeda fishing spot .

– Team name and character name are displayed on the statue .


【Event】※ Event period may be changed .

Event name term Contents
E (asy) -Run Project 09/15 (Fri ) After the inspection


11/07 ( Tue ) Before inspection

This event offers a variety of benefits to help you nurture new characters .


1. Free TP for two available times

Free TP reserves limit the 5TP in 10TP will increase to . (2 per hour 1TP obtained )

2. Experience 2 offers boat

9.15 (Fri. ) Check after the new team created during climb Klaipeda in the city – these events assistant ] the NPC by clicking on each team 1 days 1 hours + 100% , you can get additional experience buff .

3. Rank the initialization card payments ( per team 1 provides twice )

During the event after a new character created in the Cloud Klaipeda region [ Knight-Commander Wu Scarborough ] the NPC talk with six initialization possible to rank ‘6rank below the rank initialization rights ‘ we will .

4. Unconditional 6 rank character when 8 ranks are achieved with new characters

Create a new character within the event period and return to  8 ranks before the  11/07 ( Tue )  check .

You will receive a  6- rank level up box on 11/14 ( Tuesday ) with a message of accommodation in which you can use only new characters .


※ Notice

– 6 Rank Level Up Box Please refer to the table below for details .

– The rank initialization ticket of 6 rank or less is a team warehouse / transaction- unreasonable item and it is deleted collectively in 11/28 Tuesday .

– If you can not create a new character because you are using all the slots, we will pay you a S grade point for the character point .

–   the savior that he’s using all the slots 6 rank level up the box (14 days ) If you wish to11/07 ( Tues. ) 23 City 59 receive Instant Confirmation delete a character that is holding up to two minutes .

invite 09/15 (Fri ) After the inspection


10/24 ( Tue ) Before inspection

New Area Open Memorial Savior This is an event that invites you to a new area .



– When using the invitation token of 30 minutes traveling speed during +3 increaseto .

– Collect 5 invitation cards and exchange them for an invitation cube .

– The token of invitation can be moved to the team warehouse .


[ How to obtain the token of invitation ]

1. In a new area ( Field / Free Dungeon ) you can get a token with a certain probability when hunting a monster .

If a party member acquires a token of invitation while hunting monsters, all party members will receive a token of invitation .


2. Carol is located in Klaipeda region – an event invitation assistant ] the NPC per team during the event from 1 to acquire the token once .

term Number of marks that can be obtained at one time
weekday 4 dogs
Weekend 6 dogs

※ Chuseok holiday is included on weekends from 10/02 ( Mon ) to 10/09 ( Mon ).


– If you enter ‘ invitation ‘ in the chat window, you can see the number of daily beacons , the number of daily cube exchanges, and the number of cumulative cube exchanges .


[ Cube acquisition method of invitation ]

– Carol is located in Klaipeda region – an event invitation assistant ] the NPC invite token of from 5 it makes the exchange more geonnemyeon the invitation of the cube .

– Up to 2 times per team can be exchanged for an invitation cube .


[ Invited Cube Components ]

Potions Invitation 1 dogs Reinforcing card : 300 (14 days ) 1 piece
Production server – a blessing of the goddess seats 5 dogs Instance dungeons position 1 once initialized volumes (14 days ) 1 dogs
Golden Anvil (14 days ) 1 dogs


– Depending on the number of exchanges for the invitation’s cube , the following cumulative reward can be obtained .

Cumulative count reward
3 times Standing experience (14 days ) 1 dogs
5 times Instance dungeons drainage tokens (14 days ) 2 dogs
7 times Standing experience (14 days ) 3 dogs
10 times Title : The person who accepted the invitation
15 times It initializes an instance dungeon entrance ticket number (14 days ) 3 dogs
20 times Invitation costume box


※ Notice

– Bills of exchange for invitation are available until Tuesday , October 31 .

– The token of the invitation, the cube of the invitation, and the portion of the invitationwill be deleted on 10/31 ( Tuesday ) at once .

– The token of invitation, cube of invitation, potion of invitation can be moved to the team store .


[E (asy) -Run Project – 6 Rank Level Up Box ]

Item name Explanation When to pay Subject / Remarks
6 Rank Level Up Box  Earn experience card and class card when using . 11/14 ( Tue ) –  to create a new character in the Event Period  11/09 ( the neck )  before checking  8 savior who rank as the former’s

– It is a 14- day fixed-term item, and  it will be paid in the accommodation message box .

– Only 1  level character can be used .

Experience card It is an experience card that can jump to180  levels when using in character level 1  state . 6 Rank Level Up Box

When using

– Only characters below level 50  can be used . Level51  or higher is not available .
Class card 2 Rank 1-6 Rank cards are paid ,  the class level  15 causes a rise . 6 Rank Level Up Box

When using

–  You must use a rank card for each rank level .

Ex.) 2 -rank card  1 and can be used only if the rank,  when using the  first class level rank  15 causes a rise.



class circle Skill / Character Changes

(2 Rank)

One Aspiration Increases Physical Def effects compared to existing approximately 2 Increases times . (15 levels , based on Spirit 300 )
One Blessing The usage limit is removed .

The [ Bleaching Attack Count ] attribute is deleted, and the deleted attribute is refunded as a property point .

One Monstrance When an enemy enters a range of spells, it does not disappear and is changed to apply throughout the duration .

– Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds from 23 seconds .

– the scope of the circle about 7 fold increase and the number produced per skill level 1 , regardless of skill level in one 1 is fixed dogs .

– The duration of the spell decreases from 20 to 15 seconds .

– After entering the magic, the debuff is not held for 30 seconds .

It also changes so that the magic spell disappears or remains out of range for30 seconds .

– Buffs do not apply when a friend enters the range of a magic spell .

2 Sacrament – Divine Attack Added Damage is deleted and Divine Attack added damage increases .

( Skill level 10 is , mental stats 300 when the drug compared to existing 32- fold increase )

– Tooltips and skill attributes are changed .

Additional property damage > divine attributes further attacks


(3 Rank)

3 Ogubebe Added the ability to increase the damage of zombies by 10% per skill level .

(4 Rank)

One Turn Undead – Cooldown reduced to 50 seconds from 70 seconds .

– The area of effect attacks ratio [3 + Skill Level ] in the [5 + skill level – increased to .

– the tooltip content [ up to n people destroyed ] the part that is indicated by the[ Greater Attack Rate ] is changed .

– Scope of the skill range from the original rhombus shape to a rectangular shape is about 1.7 times wider .

In other words , the character’s adjudication against the monster is improved .

2 Conversion ( deletion ) The skill is deleted .

The skill points that you invested in conversion are refunded .

2 Conversion : Enhancement of strength

> Undead Undead :

Conversion ( change)

– Undead Undead : Changes to the character of conversion .

– If there is a conversion characteristic , the enemy that is cast on the Undead willbe converted to a probability equal to +5 skill level. The higher the enemy level, the less chance of conversion .

– a monster which can maintain to convert at a time up to 5 is Marie .

The ability of the caster of [ Conversion : Strengthened ] has been changed according to the stats .

– it is treated as a breeder monster pet influenced by the spirit of a paladin stats ,changes that add magic attack damage, depending on the weapon .

2 Sanctuary ( additional ) – New skill is added .

– Paladin is a defense of allies within the range in proportion to their defense, while maintaining the prayer skill level per 10% increase as much as was , a skill that more divine attribute damage that much better value .

– Can only be used when shield is worn .

– Skill details are as follows .

* Duration : 10 seconds

* Time adjustable in the form of channeling casting

* Not canceled when hit

* Cooldown time : 50 seconds

* Overheating : 1

* 10 Holy water consumption

2 Demolition ( addition ) – Two- handed blunt-only skill that deals 7 damage to the ground with two – handed blunt, causing damage to the surrounding area .

– Skill details are as follows .

* Wide Area Attack Rate :   15

* Cooldown time : 30 seconds

* Overheating : 1

2 Demolition : Strengthen( add ) – Paladin 2 You can learn the characteristics of the circle .

– Damage increases by 0.5% per character level and you can learn up to 100 levels .

2 Demonstration : Stern (Add ) – Paladin 2 You can learn the characteristics of the circle .

– Stunned enemies have a 1% chance to stun per character level and can learn up to 10 levels .

3 Shield Guard ( additional ) – Attributes are added .

– You can increase the blocking probability by using guard with C button after wearing shield .

(Same as Pelta Star / Mul Millo’s shield guard )


(5 Rank)

3 A gold coin – During the duration of the skill, the attack is possible, but the move can not be changed .

– The duration is 1 . 5 In early May increase seconds .

– Cooldown increased from [15 – Skill Level ] seconds to [25 – Skill Level ] seconds .

3 Gold coinage : Safety zone

> Gold coinage : Pay Barrier ( change )

– the name of the attribute [ the denomination Article : Pain Barrier ] will be changed to .

– The effect of installing a safety zone that is invulnerable to friendly forces during the gold coin tank is removed .

– At the end of Gold Durability duration, the Pay Barrier is applied for 5 seconds, and the cooldown of cooldown skill increases by 10 seconds .

( You can move while applying Payne Barrier .)


(5 Rank)

One Increase magic defense – The Magical Defense climb to around existing skill than four -fold increase (15 levels , mental 300 standards ) will .

– Duration increases from 35 to 300 seconds .

– Skill is added to consume 1 Holy Spirit as a material .

– [Open order shop ] is added to sell buffs .

– When selling [ Increases Magic Defense ] , 10 Holes are consumed .

– Properties – Magical Defense increased duration ] per level the duration increased with the characteristic 1 in the second 20 Increases seconds .

2 Opened order store – Buffs sold in stores will be changed to only apply 70% of the original performance .

( Blessing , Aspersion , Sacrament , increased the basic ability to increase magic defense .)

– The ability to apply additional duration due to skill changes .

Existing : Fixed time added by [7 * skill level ] minutes

Change : Adds 80% of buff duration per skill level

– Attributes [ Increase the duration of buffs with the opening of an order shop :Duration ] will change the way the application of the duration .

Existing : 5 minutes per property level

Change : Added 40% per skill level to skill effects

3 Decatos – Silver used by skill decreases from 1500 silver to 300 silver .

– A 10% chance of re-acquiring silver will be removed .

– Instant effect is activated by 10% chance that it increases by up to 2 times (20%) according to Pardner’s spirit .

– Overheat has been added so that it can be used up to 2 times .

3 Decathus : Reinforcement ( addition ) – Ability to learn from the Padner 2 circle is added .

– Damage increases by 0.5% per character level and you can learn up to 100 levels .


(6 Rank)

One Forecast – Skill range within the scope of self and party members to increase the effect of100 is added .

– Skill duration increases from 30 seconds to 5 minutes .


(7 Rank)

One Mercka : Petrification (deletion ) The attribute is deleted .

Deleted attributes are refunded as attribute points .

One Merba :

Enhance durability ( delete )

The [ Merba : durability ] attribute is deleted and changed to the basic performance of the Merba .

Deleted attributes are refunded as attribute points .

2 Merca : Increases Magic Defense ( Remove ) [ Merkava : Increases Magical Defense ] characteristics are deleted and [ Merkava: God bless you ] will not include this feature attributes .

Deleted attributes are refunded as attribute points .

One Gematria – It changes from the existing 10 level master to the 1 level master, and the 1st level is changed to the range of the existing 10 levels and the target number effect.

* Range : 110

* Number of targets : 10

* Cooldown reduced from 10 seconds to 1 second .

Skill Points that have invested in Geomatria skills will be refunded .

One Notaricon – It changes from the existing 10 level master to the 1 level master, and the 1st level is changed to the range of the existing 10 levels and the target number effect.

* Range :   110

* Number of targets : 10

* Cooldown reduced from 10 seconds to 1 second .

Skill Points that have invested in Notaricons skill will be refunded .



One Consecration – Tooltips and skill attributes are changed .

Additional property damage > divine attributes further attacks

– When the stamina is less than 40% , the damage of the Divine additional attack is changed to increase by 20%, and the effect of the skill is changed to be applied in real time according to the current stamina .



▣ Bug fixes


Fixed an issue where you could click on the Join Team Battle League button in the adventure log even if the Team Battle League is not in progress .
Fixed an issue where rank initialization rights were not used .


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