Uphill Defense Guide

Oct 24, 2017

Uphill Defense is a dungeon available from Lv. 120 in Saalus Convent through Sister Lhasa. Though it doesn’t give EXP, item drops, nor silver, some of the rewards make doing it worthwhile.

The first thing you’ll notice is that people rarely queue for it; those who do Uphill tend to make their own pre-made parties. Keep an eye out the shouts to watch for party invites, or join a Tree of Savior Discord server to look for potential partymates!

In Uphill Defense, your task is to keep the Divine Torch from being destroyed. There are 30 stages, and during each stage, mobs will spawn from different directions and will advance uphill to attack the torch. After each stage, a Treasure Chest appears to the bottom right of the torch and contains rewards for each stage.


The level of the mobs will depend on the average level of the party (inside the instance). The amount of mobs also depend on how many players are inside the instance.

Every so often, orbs of fire will spawn around the map. You can collect these and interact with the Essence Purifier to use them.

Here are the effects of using the orbs:


In addition to those rewards, you can get Uphill points depending on how far you reach.


These Uphill points can be used to buy rewards at the Uphill Defense shop. (You can only claim at most one of any item per day.)


Tips and Other Info!

  • Useful classes/skills (not mandatory!)
    • Clerics can heal the Divine Torch. Since your objective is just to keep it from being destroyed, this essentially means that Clerics can carry Uphill runs as long as they can stay alive.
    • You can use Barrier to protect the torch or the other entrances.
    • Taoists can use Dark Sight to protect the party from drawing aggro. With Lv6 Dark Sight, you can have 100% uptime with 4 uses every 8 stages.
  • Party members can split up into the different directions to deal with mobs before they reach the center area.
  • If you die, you will still get the rewards at the end of each stage as long as you’re still inside the instance.
  • Fire orbs aren’t shared with the party, so it’s best to have only 1-2 people collect the orbs to ensure you have enough orbs for your desired use.

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